Compounding allows our pharmacy to customize medications to fit each patient's specific needs. If you are suffering from any oral problem such as ulcers, dry mouth, thrush, etc., or just simply want to whiten your teeth and are not fully satisfied with what manufacturers have to offer, then our pharmacy is the perfect fit for you. We can target exactly what it is that your doctors feel that you need and leave you with a healthy, happy mouth. Below you will find some of the dental compounding that we offer here at Stewart's.


  • Great for treating things such as ulcers, halitosis, and dry mouth
  • Made for your oral specifications only unlike manufactured mouth rinses


  • Great for teeth whitening, anesthetics, and periodontal treatment
  • Achieve greater whitening results by targeting exactly what your teeth need
  • Allows for people with sensitive mouths to achieve their goals without the harsh side effects of manufactured products


  • All the benefits of liquid medication and lozenges but in the convenience of a lollipop
  • Reusable
  • Any Flavor