Here at Stewart's Pharmacy our motto is "making medicine fit." We stand by our motto by not only making medicine fit for the people in your life but for your feathered and furry loved ones as well. When our pets get sick, they can't tell us how they feel or what they need to get better. That's where we come in. We work with your pet's veterinarian to design a compound made specifically for your animal's needs. We are able to create a medicine that will target the exact problem without any unnecessary additives or fillers. Even though giving your animal medicine may never be a pleasant experience, we are able to alleviate some of the stress by flavoring the medicine in whatever your furry friend's heart desires. Below you will find some of the different compound forms that we are able to create here at Stewart's.


  • This allows for any tablet or capsule to be turned into a liquid form
  • Makes for easier dosing
  • Can make in any flavor


  • Customize your pets needs without any unnecessary additives or fillers
  • Can be compounded into a smaller capsule making it easier to take
  • No risk of unpleasant taste for animals with particular taste


  • Our topical formulas come in a form known as a PLO
  • We can compound many medications in this form however the most popular issues to treat with this are behavioral issues, hyperthyroidism, blood pressure and heart conditions
  • Applied to the flaps of the ears or any hairless area like the belly

Acral Lick Granuloma

  • This compound is designed to create a very bitter tasting barrier for your pets’ open wounds
  • It is available in a spray form, cream form, and a bandage form
  • Can also contain any other necessary medications to treat infection