Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men


Contrary to popular belief, natural hormone replacement therapy is not only beneficial for women but for men as well! If you are a male and are suffering from any of the following symptoms: fatigue, weakness, depression, decreased libido, etc., you may be suffering from what is know in men as "andropause," which is the equivalent to the female version of menopause. Talk to your doctor about how our natural hormone replacement therapy could be right for you. Below you will find which dosage form would work best for you.


  • Similar to a lozenge
  • Dissolves between cheek and gum
  • No mess or application time
  • Can come in any flavor


  • Also available in gel form
  • Easy application on thin site areas
  • No unpleasant taste
  • Allows for flexible and reliable dosing

Alcohol Rub

  • Apply to thin skin sites
  • Absorbs quicker than creams and gels
  • No unpleasant taste