Scar Care


Here at Stewart's pharmacy, we have the capability to compound a medication designed specifically for each patient's needs. When dealing with a scar in particular, it can be tough to find a product to deliver the results that you hope for. We are able to develop a prescription based on each individual's situation. Whether it's an old or new scar, we have means to reduce the appearance while also treating any unwanted pain or discomfort.


  • PracaSil is an anhydrous silicone base that we use here at Stewart's that is applied topically in scar or wound therapy
  • PracaSil may be used when treating old and new scars, facial scars, facial burns, diaper rash, athletic injury treatment, etc.
  • Although PracSil is very effective when used alone, we are also able to compound using PracaSil to include any needed antibiotics or medicine for a more concentrated treatment